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Faery Godmothers

Clothing Dreams and Wishes

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This community is for sharing descriptions, ideas, drawings, etc. for different kinds of costumes. They can be ideas, original creations, adaptations of movie costumes, historical stuff, interpretations of clothing descriptions from books, and sketches or descriptions of an outstanding outfit you see somewhere. If anyone has advice on how to create a costume idea, they can share them. It would be really cool to see members' outfits evolve all the way from concept through costruction to wearing/display! For now, feel free to show any costumes you have created, as well. I may change this as I see how the community goes.

1. Keep stuff kind of on-topic and clothing related.
2. You can advertise other communities and websites, but don't join just to do that.
3. Be nice, don't curse too much, don't spam!
4. Put pictures, etc. that exceed a PG rating behind a cut. And don't post anything really inappropriate (ie: above PG-13). Please.

I'm new at running communities, so if anyone has any advice on how to improve or if you see something I'm doing wrong, please let me know.