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Faery Godmothers

Clothing Dreams and Wishes

Faery Godmothers


February 26th, 2009

This is the mask I made for my greenwoman costume. Tis made of paper mache, floral wire, silk leaves, and floral tape. The frontside of the leaves have all been handpainted and have metalic edges (copper for the dark green, pale gold for the light) The mask itself has copper under the eyeholes... which kinda got dulled by the camera.

What do you guys think?

February 25th, 2009

Hello everyone!
I'm new to LJ, and this seemed to be a good community to breath some life into!
I need yall's input on my costumes for Faerieworlds.
Heres a lineup:

Day 1- Greenwoman
so far i've made the mask and bra for this costume.
my idea for this costume is to have my hair poofy, have a bra, and asymmetrical shorts (both covered with leaves), vines twining down my arms, legs, and midsection, and a crown. The main leaf type is ivy, (painted dark green with copper edges), though I might incorperate some scarlet poppies...
I harvested the parts for my crown today. (pussy willow, bridal bouquet, and spike dracena)
Last year I made my crown out of twiggy boxwood. I used dracena filiments to hold it together...
Question: How do I make the willow branches "stand up"? I'm fine at making the base...

Day 2- Jareth (from Labyrinth)
I'm making his costume from scratch... it shall end up as something Jareth would wear, but not something totally from the movie since it gets really got at FW.
Day 3- ???

Any ideas? I need something that wont totally overheat me. Last year, I was a white lady, an earth faerie, and queen of the golden wood. This year, I wish my costumes to be more elaborate. ^^

Also, (this is for all of you who make wings, or smaller costume pieces) I'm interested in doing trades. The only thing I have to offer is original artwork, and custom art. So if any of you are interested in trading, leave me a message and I can link you to some of my work. ^^

I'll try and post pictures of my costume pieces as I get done with them. ^^


November 19th, 2006

(no subject)

...so, is anybody working on anything...? It doesn't seem like much going on here yet, but it could happen anytime, I'm sure!
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